Piano lessons

Piano lessons in Seattle (Capitol Hill)

Playing an instrument has a lot of benefits–it’s fun, it builds discipline and concentration, and it’s something beautiful you can share with others. And in my opinion the piano is the best instrument to learn, because unlike with most other instruments, you can make music all by yourself (no accompanist required!). If you’re the creative type, and you think you might want to write your own music at some point, knowing how to play the piano is INCREDIBLY valuable. It’s no coincidence that most composers over the past 250+ years have been pianists.

As you no doubt know, the best way to learn an instrument is through one-on-one lessons, but with so many teachers around, which one do you pick? Here’s what you’ll be getting if you choose to study with me:


I’ve taught at prestigious music schools like Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music as well as in my private studio (see my CV). I’ve taught adults, teenagers, and kids as young as five. I love working with students of all levels, but I’m especially good at teaching beginners, so if you’ve never played piano before, don’t worry–I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed.


My career has taken me in many different directions, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share in many facets of music. I’m well-versed in such wide-ranging subjects as composition, music history, music theory, arranging and orchestration, the physics of sound, electronic music, tuning (I tune my own piano), conducting, music notation, and more. These subjects may or may not come up in lessons, but if you’re a naturally curious person like me and you want a broader view of music, I’m happy to talk about virtually any topic or answer any question.


Let’s face it, a lot of kids have a hard time staying focused for 30-60 minutes straight, and that’s okay; in fact, it’s pretty normal. I think learning music is a great venue for building focus and concentration, and I have the patience to help kids do that. But I also have the good sense to realize when a child is getting bored and can mix up the lesson with other activities as required. I also make it my policy never to talk down to a child; I think kids deserve to be treated with respect.


I promise we’ll find a lesson time that works with YOUR schedule. And if you need to change your lesson time any given week, I’ll work to accommodate you; all I ask is 24-hours notice.


My home studio is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Please note that I do have two cats, so if you have debilitating allergies, this might be an issue.


My piano lessons start at just $20 a week (for a 30-minute lesson). That’s a deal that’s hard to beat. See full rate information here.


After your first lesson, you can decide whether you want to continue studying with me. If you decide not, you pay nothing, and I won’t take it personally or hassle you about it. Finding the right teacher for YOU is important!

For more information, or to schedule your trial lesson, please contact me today!