Music Copying

If you’re in need of professional-quality music copying/engraving, please contact me! I take on projects of all sizes, from transposing songs to engraving orchestral scores and parts. I’ve even engraved a full-length opera.

I know from my own experience that a well-engraved score or part can speed up the process of learning a piece, whereas poorly engraved music can slow this process down quite a bit. Practice and rehearsal time is always limited, so the quality of notation can mean the difference between a successful performance and one that is under-prepared. My approach to music notation is to make everything as clear and easy to read as possible, so the performer can concentrate on musical and technical challenges without being bothered by notational ambiguities.

Please browse the Compositions section of this website to see samples of my work (look particularly at my more recent works). Below is a sample orchestral part from Automation: