so long lives this

so long lives this: two sonnets of Shakespeare

for voices and early music ensemble (2004-2006), 17′
text in English by William Shakespeare

instrumentation: 2 alto recorders, oboe d’amore, 6 solo voices (SSATTB), 2 treble viols (or 2 vln), 2 tenor viols (or 2 vla), 2 bass viols (or 2 vc)

Performed at Indiana University, Feb. 2007, Oct. 2007.

Program note:

These two sonnets of Shakespeare share a common theme. They both treat, on the one hand, the transitory nature of beauty, and on the other, the ability of art to preserve beauty against the weathering of time and the elements. This piece focuses on two universal human qualities: our intense appreciation of beauty and our fervent longing for immortality.


I. Sonnet 18
II. Sonnet 65


version with viols

version with violins